Your story,
becomes our story.

Online counseling; counseling on your terms

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Sometimes all you need to do is talk

“Getting help” should be comforting, not stressful.

MyCocun provides young adults with convenient and confidential online therapy.

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Why Talk

Mental illnesses like depression and anxiety in teenagers and
young adults often take 8-10 years to diagnose and treat. The
three main barriers to care are:

  • Access
  • Cost
  • Stigma

By providing confidential counseling anytime from anywhere for less than the
average insurance copay, we eliminate those barriers.
Taking the time to listen to your personal story, we match you with a licensed
therapist we feel confident will provide you with the best care possible.

You are not your mental illness

Whether you are struggling yourself, or are the parent or friend or someone struggling, we promise to be there for you – human to human. We are here to take the stress of finding the right care away.

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Why Telecounseling

Telecounseling is convenient and accessible therapy that’s as easy to use as picking up a phone, or opening a laptop.

We pair our members with a trusted therapist who provides support, companionship, and no judgment – ever.

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You don’t need to face this alone

Mental illnesses like depression and anxiety often untreated in teenagers and young adults for years. At MyCocun, our goal is to reduce the delay between the onset of mental health symptoms and treatment.

We give our members access to trusted and affordable care early on. From the moment you register, we are in this together providing a safe and nurturing environment filled with tools and resources to support you along the way.

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If you are considering suicide, or you or another person may be in danger please call now 1-800-273-TALK (24/hr hotline) or 911